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In our work together, I help you make sense of your experience and how emotional neglect has undermined your peace and joy. I listen deeply, observing both what you say and how you say it, and reflect and ask questions to deepen your understanding of yourself. I inquire into your emotional experience, to deepen your connection to your feelings and needs. I help you to acknowledge and validate your emotional experience, to deepen acceptance and compassion for yourself. 

Specifically, in the work of therapy, we will do the following:

1. Explore how emotional neglect shows up in your adult life - where you struggle in your inner world, your work, and in your relationships with others. 

2. Explore and embrace your childhood experiences - what happened, and what didn't happen, and what role those experiences play out in your present life.

3. Create a plan to Cultivate Wholeness - working from your present and past experiences, we'll look at the work to be done to build the self, skills and capacity you need to realize your highest potential.

How Therapy Works:

As Human Beings, we're wired to develop in relationship with significant others (usually our parents, but other important people can fill these roles). When the tasks of development are incomplete due to emotional neglect, we are pretty resourceful to figure out how to get our needs met. But often these strategies can be unproductive, or even destructive. We end up with challenges that are often overwhelming, and drain our capacity for happiness.

What was missing for you in childhood was the acknowledgement of your needs and feelings, the very essence of who you are. Without the external validation of those critical components from your caregivers, you cannot internalize a whole and complete sense of self.

When it didn't happen for you in childhood, therapy can do the repair work that's needed to complete the work of development. You can learn to connect with your needs and feelings, which then connect you to your desires, preferences and purpose. Finally, you are able to acknowledge and honor what you want to accomplish in your life, work and relationships. 

"You've always had the Power, my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.

Glinda, to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz

We emerge into the light not by denying our pain,

but by walking through it.

Joan Borysenko

How I work with you.